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Fin & Fly Fishing Charters, is the top rated charter fishing company in Cocoa Beach Florida. With great reviews and a solid customer base, Capt Jamie wanted a revamped modern website and better targeted SEO to solidify Fin & Fly’s position as the “go-to” fishing charter in Central Florida.

Fin & Fly Inspiration

Inspiration for Fin & Fly’s new logo and website was an obvious one, fishing. We wanted something that was a little edgy, yet still professional. We accomplished this with “Bastile Bold” as the main logo typeface, a very aggressive font. Beneath this, we used “Acumin Pro,” a lightweight modern font, which gives a good amount of balance and professionalism to the logo.

Fin and Fly Charters
Alternate Gothic
Lato #FFFFFF #1b5c9e #024271 #f44336


The website for Fin & Fly had a few very important objectives; display information about the charters, and more importantly, showcase great photos of fishing and the fish you will catch while out with their guides. We kept the theme of the website very fun and maritime oriented, using old nautical maps as background elements, and creating a set of icons using various fishing images. Additionally, we integrated the website with their 3 main social media platforms and online booking.